Pearl Lion’s Hot Music Video for “NYC”

Pearl Lion is the persona of the lead guitarist from the Saturday Night Live Band and he is sharing with our listeners his newest music video, for his single “NYC”.  You know I love me some instrumental music and Pearl Lion gives it to us in spades with this rock instrumental piece.  “NYC” starts out with a hard driving beat and doesn’t let up.  If you need something to get you going for the day this single will do it for you.  There are voices in the single, but they are used as instruments as well, with no lyrics to be sung.  The music video takes on the hard driving force and gives the viewer a look at some of the dynamics of New York City.  Falling Awake Films directs the film and Ashley Smith is used as the primary character of the film.  This video has some steam coming off of it as well with a little “afternoon delight”.  And with our sight being interested in comic books I have to mention that the way they dress Ashley for the video is really reminiscent of Harley Quinn’s look from the Suicide Squad film.  Here’s Pearl Lion’s music video for “NYC”, from his EP Dark, for you to enjoy through his YouTube Vevo Channel – Richard:

Mt. Wolf’s Music Video for “Heavenbound”

Mt. Wolf is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is their music video for their single “Heavenbound”.  This single is very heavy and the vocals add to that sense of foreboding.  The music video tells the story of a man that hasn’t had the best life and is in the process of losing said life in the hospital that he has been brought into with what looks to be a gunshot wound.  This is one that you will have to be in the right mood for, it’s not a happy go lucky song, it’s one that draws you in and makes you think about life in general.  You can find their new album Aetherlight from your digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Mt. Wolf’s music video through their VEVO YouTube channel – Richard:

Late Night Episode Releases “Talk About Love”

Late Night Episode is a new alt/rock band that is hitting the Summer with a great feeling song, with their single “Talk About Love”.  This single just has a fun rhythm that gets into your body and makes you want to move.  If your like me I dance in my chair even when I listened to “Talk About Love”.  The vocals and the synth echo takes me back to high school in the 1980’s – earlier 1990’s.  Just a fun single for the Summer time.  The group is working on an EP so keep your eyes open on your digital vendors for when they release it.  As of this time I have no date or name of their EP to give you.  But here is a taste of Late Night Episode and their single “Talk About Love” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Lovely.The.Band’s Lyric Video for “Broken”

With “Broken” Lovely.The.Band is letting everyone know they are here.  They are sharing with us their Lyric Video for “Broken” which feels like a music video and if you take out the lyrics from the screen it is a music video, because most lyric videos key on the lyrics, but with this one it gives you movement behind it.  The single “Broken” is a nice clean pop single that, if I remember right, is similar to One Republic’s style on “All the Right Moves”.  Very catchy rhythm and clear vocals make this one fun to listen to.  So know it’s your turn to take a listen to Lovely.The.Band’s lyric video for “Broken” – Richard:

Trishes Latest Single “Animal”

Trishes is sharing with our listeners again.  This time she is coming to us with an upbeat single that will catch you from the beginning of the single, “Animal”.  “Animal” has a bit of modern feel, with the bass beat, as well as an older feel to it, especially with the “bum, bums” at the beginning and throughout the song.  Very nice job with the upbeat feel…everyone knows I enjoy those type of songs and her vocals are on point again.  So enjoy Trishes “Animal” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Alxxa Shares Music Video for “Nobody”

A couple of months ago Alxxa shared with us her single “Nobody”.  As I stated then this is one that would be comfortable in any dance club.  With it’s slower beat and dub step mixed in this lends itself to a sultry feel that dancers can get a little more personal with.  The video itself lends itself to this feeling as well with Alxxa center stage.  Here’s Alxxa with her music video “Nobody” for you to enjoy – Richard:

Lostboycrow’s Music Video for “Verona”

Get your Romeo and Juliet fix here with Lostboycrow’s latest music video “Verona”.  Lostboycrow stays in the pop club scene type of vibe with his single “Verona”.  Everything meshes fairly well, but when he blends in with the instrumentals, during the single’s chorus, he goes into his falsetto voice and having a softer voice it can get lost within the music.  It’s just hard to do when you hit the falsetto, it’s like for people that have a lower register voice, the singers voice just automatically gets softer.  With “Verona” Lostboycrow is right their on that line, but it doesn’t go completely over that line.  The music video itself, like I said, is a tribute to the Romeo and Juliet story and is fun to watch.  For music videos I enjoy the story videos, but I also enjoy the tribute videos and AMVs that people have done, for me it makes for a more enjoyable viewing.  So with that join Lostboycrow and enjoy his music video for “Verona” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

PEP Shares Their Music Video for “Get Physical”

We had a great time listening to PEP’s single “Get Physical” with it’s tribal beat and call back to music of the 1950’s.  Now PEP is sharing with us their music video for “Get Physical” and it’s just as fun as the single.  The music video in my opinion pays homage to the sleepover scene in Grease (and if you haven’t seen Grease go watch it!).  So take some time to watch PEP’s “Get Physical” music video, through their YouTube channel and be transported back in time – Richard:

Anna Rose’s “Bury Me Deep” Lyric Video

Anna Rose is back with her sultry voice with “Bury Me Deep”.  If you remember from our podcast featuring Anna’s EP Strays in the Cut the Crew really enjoyed Anna’s style.  She delivers on the rock aspect, but with “Bury Me Deep” she uses her voice and the instrumentality to put together a slower more soulful sound.  The lyric video is done in grey scale with the lyrics fading in and out over the multiple imagery that the director has chosen for the video.  This makes for a more interesting lyric video.  If you haven’t check out Anna’s EP yet, check out this sample she is sharing with us through her YouTube channel and then find her on your digital content vendor of choice.  Here’s Anna Rose’s “Bury Me Deep” lyric video – Richard:

Ryon’s World Latest Single “Grandmas Car”

Ryon’s World is sharing their island infused single “Grandmas Car”, featuring Stu Da Boi.  “Grandmas Car” is a fun little diddy, but be warned for those with sensitive ears, otherwise just have fun with this single and get your body grooving with the beat as you enjoy Spring Break.  Here’s Ryon’s World’s “Grandmas Car” through SoundCloud – Richard: