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Apr 14

Inari Kon Kon Trailer

Inari Kon Kon looks to be a great one to add to your personal or public anime libraries that’s full of emotion and heart.  It is now available through FUNimation’s S.A.V.E. program.  Here’s the trailer from FUNimation’s YouTube channel, to see what you think about Inari Kon Kon:

Mar 23

Death Note Teaser Trailer

Being a fan of the Death Note manga, anime, and live action film I’ll just have to wait and see how NetFlix will be interpreting Death Note.  Here is Death Note’s teaser trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Mar 23

BlazBlue: Alter Memory Trailer

If you were unable to pick BlazBlue: Alter Memory up back in 2013.  FUNimation is giving you another chance to add it to your anime library through it’s S.A.V.E. program.  Here’s the trailer through FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Mar 15

“When Can I See You Again” AMV

Anime Nerd Productions YouTube channel a couple of years ago post an AMV were they took several anime scenes and spliced them for Owl City’s “When Can I See You Again”.  This is a fun song to go along with a well put together AMV.  So take a moment and enjoy Anime Nerd Production’s AMV …

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Mar 14

Your Name English Dub Trailer

FUNimation’s YouTube channel has released the English Dub trailer for Your Name.  The film will also be released in select theaters April 7, so check with your local theaters for a chance to see Your Name on the big screen. Check it out:

Mar 07

Noragami Aragoto Season 2 Trailer

If you picked up Noragami Aragoto for your anime library you will want to pick up Noragami Aragoto Season 2.  FUNimation has it available now to purchase and here’s the trailer for it from FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Mar 03

Mystic Archives of Dantalian Trailer

  FUNimation has released Mystic Archives of Dantalian that many anime and book lovers might want to consider for their anime library.  This looks to be more of a drama with a romantic angle.  Here’s the trailer from FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Feb 24

One Punch Man Trailer

Viz Media has put up the pre-order for One Punch Man on Blu-ray.  This one will be one you will want to strongly consider to add to your anime library.  It is very popular right now.  Here’s the trailer through Viz’s YouTube channel:

Feb 17

Dagashi Kashi Trailer

Dagashi Kashi looks to be a fun anime that gives you a look at one of Japan’s unique traits that I wish we would have here in the United States.  Of course I would say that with my collecting mentality.  Still the show looks fun.  Here’s the trailer through FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Feb 15

“Cheerleader” AMV

Nate over on YouTube is having some fun with Omi’s single “Cheerleader” by creating an AMV edited around scenes from the anime When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace.  So have some fun with Nate and check out his AMV:

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