Ben and Andy’s Cover of Queen’s “Save Me”

Ben and Andy give us an acoustical version of Queen’s single “Save Me”.  This is a very clean and crisp rendition of the single.  The piano is beautifully done with the vocals hitting the mark on everything.  Ben and Andy’s acoustical version isn’t as bombastic as Queen’s, but it is just as powerful.  The video is just a studio type video, but the star of the video is the song.  Take a moment and enjoy Ben and Andy’s “Save Me” Queen cover through their YouTube channel – Richard:

They Call Him Zone’s Music Video for “Death Drive”

They Call Him Zone gives us that European dance club feel with his music video for his single “Death Drive”.  Another great song for the Halloween season.  With an electro/psychedelic sound the single has the right amount of darkness, but still has that bass beat for the club.  Take a ride with They Call Him Zone and his music video for “Death Drive” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Vs’ Music Video for “Listen”

Vs is sharing their music video with our listeners for their single “Listen”.  This single from beginning to end really has that old psychedelic rock sound.  Even the music video with it’s imagery carries that same feel throughout.  Vs’ EP Reality is available from digital vendors, but they wanted to give you a little taste of their sound.  Here’s Vs’ “Listen” music video through their Vs the World YouTube channel – Richard:

Vs New Single “Listen”

Vs is coming at us with their single “Listen”.  This is one that will hit all the alternative rock fans.  If starts out with a peaceful feel for the first verse and then comes in heavy on the chorus, back to peaceful for the second verse and then heavy again for the reminder of the single.  Vs has an EP planned for a Summer release so if you are looking for a new band in the alt. rock arena this will fill the void.  Here’s Vs’ “Listen” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Hidden Cabins Music Video “Bet It All On You”

Hidden Cabins is sharing with our listeners their music video for their single “Bet It All On You”.  This single and music video are for those that love the long play singles, with this one ranging in over 9 minutes in length.  For me this type of single is one that you just hit play and then you just have to let yourself go and experience the music.  The instrumentals are more of an acoustic sound keeping it simple in nature.  The lead singer has a quality to it that made me think of the lead singers style for Crash Test Dummies that the Alt/Rock fans will be happy to hear.  The music video itself is pretty simplistic to match the single.  It has one constantly looping image that gets darker as it progresses to the end of the video until only the duos name, Hidden Cabins, is spotlighted.  A nice piece of effect.  Here’s Hidden Cabins music video for “Bet It All On You” through Blank TV’s YouTube channel – Richard:

James Kruman gives a “Country Sigh”

James Kruman is sharing with our listeners his single “Country Sigh’.  This single definitely rings true from the United Kingdom.  “Country Sigh” is within the folk music, but with the stylings of the music and James’ voice it is very distinct and you know that it is a country/folk style from across the pond.  James has a very deep bass voice that can be difficult for a singer.  I’m interested in seeing what his other works sound like from his album Twitch.  Here’s James Kruman’s music video for this single “Country Sigh” from his YouTube channel – Richard:

RAYNE’s Single “Subject A”

RAYNE is sharing with our listeners their single “Subject A”.  This single brings back memories of the late 1980’s, early 1990’s with bands like Europe.  “Subject A” has a strong electronic beat with a SciFi slant.  Especially when you listen to the lyrics.  For us here at ComicPop it fits in perfectly with our love of Science Fiction.  Our listeners that love electronic and the steampunk wave will definitely dig this single.  I can’t wait to hear more from RAYNE to see if they continue down this road for subject matter or if it is just a one off.  Even if it is a one off in way of subject matter if they continue with the same electronic sound I believe many will be lining up to follow them.  Here’s RAYNE’s “Subject A” through SoundCloud – Richard: