The New Year’s Coming

As the New Year’s draws near we are getting ready to record our first podcast.  We have it planned for the first week of January (barring no troubles).  After editing I’m hoping it will show up during the second week of January.

Happy New Year’s everyone!

What we are going to be

With ComicPop Library we want to give fairly current reviews on graphic novels, manga, anime, and animation.  The crew is looking to release a podcast starting in January and once we begin have two podcasts per month roughly thirty minutes each.    Two graphic novel/manga titles will be reviewed per podcast.  If we have watched a comic book related movie or anime series we will discuss it as well, which would expended the podcast to roughly forty-five minutes.  We will try to keep the reviews fairly current, but we will have older titles mixed in as well from time to time.

More to come!