Fan Made Punisher Film

Why they ever replaced Thomas Jane as the Punisher I will never know.  I always thought he was the best person to portray the character and I wish they would do another movie with him.  We get the next best thing from Thomas Jane himself.  He has made a short fan film were he reprises his role.  This is awesome (can you tell I’m a Punisher fan) get Jane a new movie.  It is up on YouTube under “#DIRTYLAUNDRY” put up by YouTuber AdiShankaBrand and it already has over 2 million hits.  If you like the Punisher you need to check this out on YouTube.  Be warned it has sexual content and extreme violence.

What Inspires You?

Here’s more proof that science fiction and futuristic items can inspire someone to create it.  This video shows a radio controlled car that can transform from car mode to robot mode and back to car mode and function just like you would see with the popular Transformer franchise.  Kenji Ishida of Japan’s JS Robotics posted the following video of his work, Transformer Version 8.  Goes to show that anything you dream could one day become reality.  Thank you to AnimeNews Network and YouTube for the links:

Grand Opening of Gundam Collection


If you know anyone that is traveling to Tokyo this is one stop they will definitely want to visit.  At Diver City Tokyo Plaza on Tokyo’s Odaiba island the new Gundam Front Tokyo Entertainment Complex had it’s Grand Opening on April 19.  The video below is courtesy of AnimeNews Network, YouTube, and Mainichi Shimbun newspaper’s Mantan TV website.  The video starts outside the complex, moves into the Gundam Cafe/Gift Shop and then into the collection of models.  It doesn’t show the complete collection, but it gives you an idea of what is in store for you.