Are You Ready for Free Comic Book Day

Are you ready for May 4.  That’s this year date for Free Comic Book Day.  Be sure to stop by your local comic shop, book dealer and even library that are supporting the Free Comic Book Day.  Not every book store or library is participating so check with your local library and if this is a program you would like to see in your library let the librarian know so they can be ready for 2014.  Check out the Thomas Jane video below in support of Free Comic Book Day.

Check Out Velica, Looks Interesting

Thanks to Stacey Aragon for getting in touch with us about this great looking UK comic.  The comic is Ken Johnson’s Velica and follows this young women who is seeking revenge for her father’s death.  Just by looking at some of the images online it is similar to a Punisher/Jennifer Blood titles.  For me this is in my wheel house that I love.  I want to get my hands on the six issues that have been printed in the UK, that would be great.  But if nothing else on the Team Velica website they have informed everyone that a deal has been signed with Strick 9 Label and Toledo Publishing Group of Chicago, Illinois, to reprint the first six issues for the U.S. market. Velica website. – Velica Facebook Page.

The is also a IndieGoGo Fundraiser currently being done to get the title made into an live action feature.  So if you’re interested in Velica and strong female leads this is a project you might want to consider supporting.  You can check out the short video that was produced for the Fundraiser below:

You Gotta Love Japan


In Japan Kentucky Fried Chicken in working with the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in for a promotion.  You can see they even put the Colonel in Cosplay for the event.  The movie will be released in Japan March 30 and I expect it will get a release here in North America at some point.  Thanks to AnimeNews Network for the following commercial and you can link to their site for the story and more pictures.

Strange World Photography

Just saw this on the Yahoo ticker and thought it was really cool.  Matthew Albanese in his spare time makes these amazing dioramas out of a variety of everyday items and takes beautiful pictures of them when they are finished.  The following video is from the weekly “flickr” moment.  Watch it and you’ll be amazed and inspired as well.

Sneak Peak at Live Action Gatchaman

“Zip! Gatchaman First Look” on YouTube has uploaded a video that features the actors that portray the team, in the live action Gatchaman movie.  Thanks to AnimeNews Network for reporting this and you can check out the clips below:

Gundam Museum Christmas Lights Video

Since December has arrived I thought this was an appropriate video to show.  Thanks to “darwinfish105” for posting the public unveiling of the Christmas lights on the life-size Gundam and entry way into the musuem in Diver City on YouTube.  The display is slated to run until Christmas day.

Mercedes-Benz Makes Anime Short

Mercedes-Benz is having Production I.G. make a 6 minute anime short, “Next A-Class”, to promote Benz’ new A-Class cars, in the Japanese market.  Mizuho Nishikubo, directed the short, with additional talent provided by Kazuchika Kise, the animator, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, who was the character designer and Kenji Kawai, who scored the 6 minute short.  Below is a 30 second commercial for the short that will be released via Benz’ website at a date yet to be determined.  Thanks to YouTuber “responsejp” for providing the video clip:

What Will Our Future Hold

Another example of how science fiction can one day become fact.  The Kuratas robot is created by Kogoro Kurata and is piloted by a person.  Since being placed on the Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s website for a price of 1.35 Million dollars per robot they have received 3,000 orders.  Makes one wonder if the future of warfare might go the way of the visions of Japanese writers pictures fighting wars with huge human piloted robot mechas.  The following two videos from YouTube, through Animenews Network show the Kuratas in action.  Christmas present maybe!– Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s website

Flower Gundam

Something you wouldn’t normally see, but is really cool.  For the “29th National Urban Greenery Fair Tokyo” a life-size topiary bust of a Gundam was made.  It is on display at the Diver City Tokyo Plaza next to the life-size Gundam statue.  The display will be their from September 29 through October 28.  So if you are in the area be sure to check it out.  Below is a video from Youtube by darwinfish105.  Thanks to AnimeNews Network for the link.

Fan Made Punisher Film

Why they ever replaced Thomas Jane as the Punisher I will never know.  I always thought he was the best person to portray the character and I wish they would do another movie with him.  We get the next best thing from Thomas Jane himself.  He has made a short fan film were he reprises his role.  This is awesome (can you tell I’m a Punisher fan) get Jane a new movie.  It is up on YouTube under “#DIRTYLAUNDRY” put up by YouTuber AdiShankaBrand and it already has over 2 million hits.  If you like the Punisher you need to check this out on YouTube.  Be warned it has sexual content and extreme violence.