Thor: Movie Special, Ep. 1

The Thor: Movie Special, Ep. 1 is ready to download.  These movie specials will give librarians different views from different age groups and interests.  The podcast features my family: April my daughter, who just turned 13 and is like any other young teenage girl; Logan  my son, who will be turning 16 and is a rabid reader; Michelle my wife who likes some comic book things but not all; and myself, the professed comic book guy.  We sit around the table, enjoy some ice cream and discuss the movie that we recently watched.

Thor: Movie Special Episode 1

Episode 3 of ComicPop Library

This episode we briefly discuss “Nemesis”, “Green Hornet” the movie, and “Brain Camp”.  Then the crew reviews and discusses “Parker: Hunter & Outfit” and “War at Ellsmere”.  A new segment begins this month “Tips & Tricks”.  We give librarians ideas of how they can promote their graphic novels within their library’s.

ComicPop Library Episode 3