Starting Them Young

April reads a comic book to one of her younger cousins.  She might not want to read another comic book in her life, but it was cute to see her and April like this.

Geocaching Unintentionally

While hiking in the mountains Logan and I came across a ring of rocks from a bonfire.  Logan noticed an ammo can under a pile of the rocks.  We pulled it out and it was a Geocache!  So while I dug out a business card to leave (didn’t have anything else) April wrote our names and date on the log sheet.  It was kind of cool to accidentally find the cache and see what other people had placed in it.  There were hallmark cards, odds and ends, and even a little stuffed animal.

Taking a Side Trip to the Outer Limits

While on the trip to the mountains we spotted the “Outer Limits Comic Books” store.  We just had to stop in.  I was able to pick up the last issue I needed for Dark Minds, Vol. 2, a complete Dark Minds mini I didn’t have, and the last issue for a couple of Star Wars mini’s I was needing.  Didn’t have any manga that Logan needed though, but we did find some Top Cow Battle of the Planet Manga issues.

Mickey’s Gift to Logan

Mickey recently gifted Logan with some Japanese Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh Cards.  This is how it goes when you follow the progression of pictures.  Logan first sees that he has some new packages of cards from Mickey.  Next Logan realizes that they are from Japan!  And finally third he appreciates what he is holding in his hands.  Kudos to Mickey for getting these for Logan, as you can tell they were a smash hit!