The 1st Big Hammer Strike of the Summer…

Thor opens up the Summer Blockbusters at the movies.  I don’t think anyone will forget, but remind your patrons that enjoy comic books, that Thor is coming out this weekend.  See the trailer below thanks to Yahoo Movies.

Movies of Interest for this Weekend

There are three movies that will be of interest to library patrons of different likes:  1st is Dylan Dog which will appeal to your gamer, supernatural, and comic book fans; 2nd 13 Assassins will appeal to your anime, manga, and foreign film fans; and 3rd Hoodwinked Too will appeal to your animation fans.  Trailers for each are provided by Yahoo Movies.

Legend of the Fist

The movie Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen will more than likely appeal to your anime and manga fans.  It does have a superhero feel to it, since the character wears a mask, so your patrons that like comic books might like this to.  If nothing else the martial arts angle will be appealing to many people.  This moive has a limited release so librarians will have to check local movie houses to see if it is showing in your area. Thanks to Yahoo Movies for the trailer below.