AMV of the Week

Since Summer is here I thought the video below worked really well.  I will be trying to make this a weekly feature of some type of AMV that I have found that I thought was good.  This one is from DMcl123 under the tag California Gurls AMV on YouTube.  The original artist is Katy Perry, featuring Snoop Dogg.  Thanks for a fun AMV!

Fun Young Justice AMV

Here is an AMV that I really enjoy on YouTube.  The contributor is xXTess4evaXx and is under the query “We Are Young — YOUNG JUSTICE”.  “We Are Young” is performed by 3Oh!3, which is a great song. Tell your patrons to search under either the contributor or the AMV title to find it on YouTube.  It is also below for all to enjoy.  Great job xXTess4evaXx.

Doctor Who Music Video Tribute

This video was really fun to listen to and watch.  The lyrics are light hearted and if you have seen the Doctor Who episode this is edited around, you know that the episode is a pretty fun episode as well. The song is “Mr. Blue Sky” recorded by Electric Light Orchestra. Great job by Youtuber ManaManaFromBoraBora.

Thor Featurette

Thanks to Marvel for sharing this Thor featurette which spotlights Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster.

Flow to perform at two Anime Conventions

Librarians in the Illinois area and Northern California area need to relay this information to their patrons that like JPop.  The group Flow will be performing at the Anime Central convention in Illinois, on May 20th, and again over the May 27-30 weekend, at the FanimeCon 2011 MusicFest.  Watch the bands two announcements below.

Cosplayers take heart

This video is one of my favorites.  It doesn’t really bash cosplay, it has fun with cosplay.  More people cosplay than you might think.  I have to admit my kids and I have cosplayed.