Ruse is back!

Ruse is back in publication….How?  Here is the chain of events.  Disney purchase CrossGen when they were up for sale a number of years ago and then Disney purchased Marvel recently.  So it was only a matter of time before we say CrossGen titles emerge as Marvel titles.  Ruse and Sigil are the first two titles to come out under the Marvel banner as mini-series.  I always enjoyed the CrossGen titles and if the past is like the future then I would say libraries need to be on the look out for the collected editions of Ruse and Sigil, when they become available for your graphic novel collections.  Visit Marvel’s site for more on the upcoming Ruse title.

Cap. and Bucky!

The first look of Sebastian Stan as Bucky.  ICv2’s article reports that Sebastian played a little bit darker Bucky, which is more in line with today’s rendition of Bucky.  He was a soldier, not a fun loving young man.  With a more serious and darker Bucky could this be a dovetail into future Captain America movies?  The most prominent being were Bucky comes back as Winter Soldier as written by Ed Brubaker.  The link is for the short article.

Nick Fury’s Assistant in Avengers Movie

Joss Whedon is looking for Nick Fury’s assistant for the upcoming Avengers movie.  ICv2 and several other sites are reporting that Morena Baccarin, Cobie Smulders, Mary-Elizabeth Winstead and Jessica Lucas are being considered.  If the assistant is in fact Commander Maria Hill, illustrated above, then just by looks alone Marena Baccarin would be a shoe-in.  Also Marena has been in Firefly and Serenity that were Joss Whedon projects and Joss is known for sticking up for his past actors.  Follow the link to the full article and pictures of the other possible actors.

George R.R. Martin Adaptation

Batnam and Dynamite join forces for a comic book/graphic novels rights to George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Fire and Ice.  The way it looks issue will be released first and then the collected editions will be available.  When the collected editions do come out libraries will definitely want to pick this up.  The article also mentions that HBO has the rights to do a TV series which will fuel interest in this series.  Follow the link below to the full article at ICv2.

Dark Horse with More Prose

Dark Horse Comics announced that they are continuing on publishing prose novels.  Later this year they will be publishing Supernatural Noir, edited by Ellen Datlow and The Damned Highway, edited by Nick Mamatas.  Both titles are horror anthologies and will be available later this year.  This will be another opportunity for libraries to tie in their graphic novel collections with their book collection, specifically the horror genre.  Follow the link to read the full article.