Yu-Gi-Oh 3D Movie card pack

If some of your libraries are in the area that the new Yu-Gi-Oh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time movie will be shown let your patrons now about the movie packs.  ICv2 has the article about this, however it is unclear if these will be available to purchase at the theaters or elsewhere.  The link below will take you to the article.  Let your anime and card gaming fans know about this if they don’t already.


Arrietty wins Animation of the Year

For all the librarians purchasing anime for their library’s might want to consider Arrietty.  Your anime fans will really appreciate it and you could show case it to American animation fans and us Arrietty as a crossing over title for some patrons that like American animation but are hesitant about Japanese animation.  Arrietty won recently at the 34th Japan Academy Prizes.  Follow the link to Anime News Network for the article.


Marvel & Oscar Crossing Paths

Yahoo has a nice article about how many past and present Oscar Nominees are taking rolls in comic book movies.  They are from Thor: Natalie Portman; Kenneth Branagh, Director; Adriana Barraza; and past winner Anthony Hopkins.  From X-Men First Class is Jennifer Lawrence and from Avengers: Mark Ruffalo; Jeremy Renner; Robert Downey Jr.; and Samuel L. Jackson.  Pretty good cast of talent hopefully this will bode well for these three movies.  Time will tell…Follow the link to the full article by Matt McDaniel.


ComicPop Library Ep. 2 Shownotes

Here is each titles information so librarians can use their respected vendors to purchase for your library.

1) Strange Science Fantasy, 2011, by Scott Morse, published by IDW Publishing, ISBN 978-1600108884, price 24.99.

2) Amazing Screw-On Head & Other Curious Objects, 2010 edition, by Mike Mignola, published by Dark Horse, ISBN 978-1595825018, price 17.99.

3) Kingyo Used Books/Kingyoya Koshoten, 2005/2010 translated edition, by Seimu Yoshizaki/Shogakuka, published by Viz Media, ISBN 978-14211533629, price 12.99.

Got a Taste for True Blood


Librarians let your True Blood, vampire, and supernatural patrons know about the Hardcover True Blood: All Together Now.  This collected edition of the first six issues of the series will be of interest for your adult collection of graphic novels.  It is more based around HBO’s interpretation of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series, so the content might not be suitable for younger audiences.  Us the link below for the full article on IDW’s site.


G.I. Joe Sequel

ICv2 is reporting that Paramount is looking for a director to make the sequel of G.I. Joe.  The article also reports that the project release date the Paramount is shotting for on this movie is the summer of 2012.  So librarians can let their G.I. Joe fans now about this news.  Link to the full article below.


ComicPop Library Episode 1

Richard Broookman Jr.         Mickey Coalwell                          Royce Kitts

We three gentlemen introduce ourselves and tell how we began and are still reading comic books.